The Tower Game

Answering questions can be great fun, especially when the whole team is eagerly conferring and discussing possible answers.

It can make a quiz night more interesting however to throw in a few novelty games that get the teams doing something a little different.

One such game is The Tower Game. It takes a little preperation but can be well worth it.

Place a collection of items on each table and ask the teams to construct as tall a tower out of the items as they can. When teams think they are finished they can call a scorer over to their table to measure and record the tower height.

To keep it fair each team should recieve the same set of items. You can distribute them to each table at the begining of the night and have scorers recording heights throughout the night.

Obviously preparing a pack of items for each table takes some work, so you are best selecting items that you can purchase cheaply in packs of many. Examples of the types of items you might want to include are :

  • straws
  • business cards
  • paper / plastic cups
  • elastic bands
  • string
  • paper clips
  • toilet rolls