Christmas Quiz Night Fun

You’ve just put down your fork, the dog is drooling on the carpet next to you and you manage to roll off your chair to clutch your full stomach and vow never to eat so much again. Now what?

Why not have a bit of family fun at Uncle Joe’s expense? Why not run your own Trivia game all about your family? It’s fun, easy and you can throw in a few Christmas questions as well as incorporating the family stories that have become the stuff of legend.

What was Uncle Sam’s first word? Who dropped the only paddle into the lake when they were canoeing last summer? What is dad’s favourite Christmas treat?

The list goes on….

You can even do multiple choice such as ‘What did Tom fall off when he broke his arm?

    A. A trampoline
    B. The Monkey Bars
    C. The ladder or
    D. The table’

Hmmm, I know Tom and I’m going for D.

Prizes will make it even more fun and I usually go for the cheap and cute variety such as the toy dog that sings Christmas Carols when you squeeze it’s nose.

Of course if you have the whole family over for lunch, you can form teams or pair up the kids with the adults, whatever works for you. Make sure you pick a name for your team. The ‘hoof hearted reindeers’ (you gotta say that one out loud) or the ‘Claustrophobics’ are my personal favourites.

If you have teams you might want to make sure you have prizes that are good to for more than one person such as a bag of sweeties (in case you need more food!).

Another favourite of mine is ‘Name that Carol’ or if that is too easy ‘what is the next line?’. These are fun if you wanna get people singing and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a sing-a-long?

The singing doesn’t stop there and you can try this one if you wanna put a new twist on Jingle bells and play a game in between rounds.

Have three containers marked with ‘nouns’, ‘adjectives’ and ‘verbs’ and get your guests to write five nouns(n), adjectives (adj) and verbs (v)each.

Write out the words to a carol like Jingle Bells or Rudolf the red nosed reindeer, and leave out a few key words. For example:

‘Rudolf the red nosed __(n)____, had a very __(adj)___ nose. And if you ever __(v)____ him, you would even say it __(adj)____.

Each guest takes turns to pick a word and complete their song… anyway you get the idea.

Once you have crowned your ‘Family Trivia Champion’ you can do it all again next year and make family trivia a family tradition.