Including Image Questions

Quiz Night Chief supports the following question types :

  • Question and Answer eg. What is the capital of Kenya ?

  • Multiple Choice eg. Which of the follow events did not occur in the 1970s ?

  • Rank Them eg. Rank the following animals by size from largest to smallest

  • Audio / Video eg. Listen the following audio and then identify the character and actor speaking (play audio)

  • Image eg. In what city would you find this building ? (present image)

You can add an Image question to your quiz by adding a new question and then selecting Image from the Question type select box

<- Click the image to enlarge

You will then be able to use the Select Image button to select the image you would like to use with this question.

The image you select will appear as a thumbnail in the Plan screen but will appear fullsize in the MC Script and in the Slide Show.

The Image Question in the Slide Show.

Click the image to enlarge

We recommend you only add images that are less than half a megabyte in size.

If you have a large image file you would like to use you can probably reduce it's size using image editing software.