Including Table Games in your Quiz

( You can find examples of Quiz Night table games on our blog )

A table game is a sheet of paper containing a fun list of questions or a puzzle that is left on the tables for the teams participating in your quiz to work on throughout the night.

Here is an example of a table game. Teams must identify these 1920s celebrities from their scrambled names.

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With a normal quiz round all the teams hear the questions and write down their answers at the same time, with a table game the game sheet is available on the tables from the begining of the quiz and teams may work on them at their own pace.

Usually the quiz master will announce when the table games must be handed in. For example he might announce that all teams must hand in table game number 1 before the start of the 4th round, table game number 2 before the start of the 6th round and the final table game must be handed up before round 7.

Staggering the handing in of the table games like this give you more to score them.

You can score a table game in Quiz Night Chief by treating it as a Round in your quiz night.

Create a new round with a single question. Assign that question the same number of points as an entire normal round

(In this example a round consists of 10 questions worth 8 points each, so for this table game round we are assigning the single question 80 points).

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Note : you may want to add your table game rounds to the end of your quiz, as the last rounds, so they will be easier to skip in the slideshow presentation

You can click on the round number and enter a name for the round, identifying it as being a table game.

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To enter a team's score for the table game simply select the team and the round on the score screen and enter the number of points they recieved into the score box for the round question.

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