Scoring your Quiz Night

Quiz Night Chief allows you to enter team scores and then present a leader board displaying how many points each team has.

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You can enter a team's score for each question or if you want to save time you can enter a single score for the round in the the first question's score box.

If you are

Scoring a Small Quiz (less than 8 teams)

you may be able to have a single person collecting answer sheets and entering scores into Quiz Night Chief as illustrated in the image above. It's always a good idea to have additional people available to help.

If you are

Scoring a Large Quiz (more than 10 tables)

you are probably going to want to split the scoring into two parts. Firstly someone collects the completed answer sheets and using a pen marks the score on the sheet. Those sheets are then passed to a second person who copies the scores into Quiz Night Chief. This makes the job of entering the scores much quicker, as the numbers can be read directly from the answer sheet.

Having someone score the sheets with a pen/pencil first makes it quicker to enter the results into Quiz Night Chief.